delivering geospatial intelligence
What do we do?


delivering geospatial intelligence

Software development

GisSense has many years of experience in GIS software development in diverse programming languages on several platforms. We fulfill your wishes by delivering a range of software solutions which can be tailored to your requirements. GisSense concludes agreements based on hiring or fixed-price.

Technical consultancy

We provide solutions to your geospatial issues. We can make the right decisions, because we have many years of experience in the geospatial market. We know what works, which pitfalls to avoid and how to get things done.


Our geospatial knowledge will boost your organisation. Hire a GisSense expert if available. We have extensive knowledge and more than twenty years of experience!



We develop software for your specific geospatial needs. We have been doing this for years. Without fuss. For reputable clients.
In addition, we can provide technical consultancy and support.

Collin Kleiboer
*** full stack GIS developer ***
has more than twenty years of experience in the geospatial market.

ESRI platform desktop/server/cloud (ArcObjects, JavaScript API, WebAppBuilder, GeoCortex, SDE)
.NET, Java, Python, SQL, JavaScript/TypeScript, HTML5/CSS,

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